Dr. Messina is a Proud Member of... 

Business Office Staff


Financial Coordinator

Katy is the Financial Coordinator at our office. This is her 11th year working at our office, having previously been an office and clinical assistant. 


Katy is a graduate of Kent State University where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Biology. She is the daughter of our office manager, Vykke. 


More than anything, Katy loves to travel. Having been to 24 states and 3 countries, including Mexico, Canada, and Japan. While traveling, Katy enjoys seeing the sites and shopping, completely immersing herself in the local culture; however, she loves nothing more than sitting on a quiet beach with a good book. She also has taken an interest in exploring the great outdoors with a good pair of hiking boots!


Patient Coordinator

Eileen is the Patient Coordinator and newest addition to our office. She recently moved to the area from Scranton, Pennsylvania where she worked as a receptionist at Dunder Mifflin - just kidding! Eileen has previously worked at a car dealership, as well as in the medical field at a doctor's office. 

Eileen comes from a small family that is steadily growing. She is the oldest of 3 kids and the only girl. She has 8 nieces and nephews! When she is not visiting them, she likes to take road trips with her husband, whom she recently married in October of 2017. They are always looking for new adventures, so please suggest some places for them to go explore when you come in for your visit!

Clinical Staff


Clinical Assistant, EFDA

Billie received her education in dental assisting through the Medina County Career Center's Adult Education program in 2006. She came to Dr. Messina's office to complete her clinical externship hours for the program and has been with the office ever since! Billie graduated from the program with successful completion of her boards exam in May 2006. She was then certified in dental assisting as well as radiography. After working in the office for two years, Billie then entered the Expanded Functions Dental Auxiliary (EFDA) program at Case Western Reserve University. She completed this program in May 2009. She is now certified to do advanced remediable intraoral dental procedures, some of which include: placement of amalgam and composite restorations, carving and polishing amalgam and composite restorations, and placement and polishing of pit fissure sealants. 


When Billie is at home she loves being with her family. She and her husband Matt have been married since 2009. They have three children - 2 girls and a boy. She loves attending dance recitals and t-ball games! She also has 2 cute puppies, a French Mastiff and a St. Bernard. In her free time, Billie is also a photographer. Her work can be seen at her photography Facebook page, Billie Lee Photography


Lab Technician

Mike is a newer addition to our office staff! Beginning his job as a sterilization technician, he truly has an interest and curiosity for what he does. Mike started with our office in November 2016.

Mike has recently become a resident of Wadsworth, having grown up right on the lake in Bay Village. In high school he was a member of both the football and lacrosse teams. After high school, Mike pursued further education at the University of Toledo. He enjoys learning in any and all aspects of his life.

In his free time Mike likes to enjoy nature. He loves taking hikes around the area parks and trails. And he loves watching any type of nature documentary or playing video games. Also, he enjoys spending time with his dad and two sisters.

Mike is responsible for infection control and also has his radiographer's license. As a newer staff member, Mike loves his job. He looks forward to continuing his knowledge of the dental field by working at this office, and thanks Dr. Messina for this wonderful opportunity to work in such a relaxed, fun office. 

Webster "Webbles" Messina

Cuddly Canine 

Webster is a newer addition to Dr. Messina's office! Dr. Messina adopted him from the Medina County Animal Shelter, and they've been having a blast ever since! 

Webster likes long walks down the street. He loves brushing bones and taking extended naps. He even likes riding alongside Dr. Messina in the car! He will be spending time outside this summer, so if you see him, give him a wave or say hello! (Don't be surprised, though, if he doesn't respond. He is partially blind and deaf)